Hot-Fix Iron-On Transfer/Applique Instructions
Pre-heat iron on dry setting or heat press to temperature required for your fabric (approx 280 - 300 degrees)
Lay your fabric, leather or other material on a flat, hard surface with the design surface facing up.
Run the iron gently over the top of the fabric, leather or other material to slightly pre-heat it.
Remove the backing from
the rhinestone applique and lay the entire transfer design on your material. The warmed fabric/material
helps slightly melt the adhesive on the back of the transfer to keep it in place.
Place a thin piece of cotton cloth--for example, a piece of white t-shirt material--gently across the top of the rhinestones and lightly set your iron on top of the cloth at the outermost edge or corner of your design. This creates an even heating surface and protects both the iron-on transfer and the soleplate of your iron.
Apply steady pressure for 10-15 seconds -- DO NOT MOVE THE IRON AROUND -- THE STONES MAY SHIFT
Repeat the previous step for each section of the transfer. Do not allow the material and transfer to overheat or the glue will lose its adhesion
Allow to cool to touch then slowly peel off transfer film. If any rhinestones are still on the film, cut away film where rhinestones are secure and replace just the area of film where the stones did hot adhere - repress for 5 to 8 seconds.
You can now wear and enjoy your completed transfer motif. To wash, turn garment inside out and wash on gentle cycle or dry clean.
DISCLAIMER: Leather, polyamide, PVC, rubber, plastic, fabrics with silicone or wax finish are not recommended. Since application methods and fabrics / products vary, Just Blingin It is not responsible for any damage in relationship to wear or application of transfers or trims. Always ensure to perform the application with care on high quality fabrics and materials.